Thursday, 5 January 2017

Right Head, Wrong Face?

So now we're looking forward to the year ahead.
We're facing in the right direction.
But do we have the right face on?
At times we'll experience frustration,anger, discouragement and even depression as we realise that new equipment, skills and knowledge will be needed to achieve our new plans and projects. Rome wasn't built in a day- as they say.
One step at one time.
 As Paul Bowden's  states in Telling It Like It Is (2011)  ...  if we're facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking. If it takes a year, or sixty years, or five lifetimes, as long as we're heading towards light, that's all that matters. ... 
 So put a cheerful face on to start the journey.  You may need it!

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