Monday, 11 June 2018

Ten Ways To Increase Light Through June's Windows

1. Throw Some New Light On Your Threshold

We're nearing Midsummer now and the longest day of the year. What better time to choose a bright new pot of paint and smarten up your front door! At this time of year you can enjoy watching the bright light bounce off your handiwork. Make a statement with a black gloss or a fresh pastel for a traditional home or draw the eye to a modern home with a splash of dazzling yellow.
Bounce the Light and Sail Straight  in!

2. Enjoy a Light Summer Lunch

The sun is in the meadow, the lark is on the wing, the red is in the fridge.......
So what do I pack in the picnic basket??? Time to get expert advice!

Light Up Your Family's Taste buds and Create a Memory!

3. Capture the  Summer Light

Painting, drawing, photography, writing...... How can you capture the summer light?
There was never a better time to take up a creative means of self-expression. Think of the Impressionist artists chasing the summer light on the long languid summer days in France in the 1870s and 1880s. Their style was characterized by small thin brush strokes, open composition and and emphasis on the accurate depiction of light in its changing qualities.
Follow The Light and Capture The Mood!

4. Set Your Own Chimera Alight

Clear out your study and your garden. You can then reward yourself by pouring a glass of your favourite tipple as you watch the flames consume your clutter.
 “Sometimes what’s dead must be burned away to make room for new life. Sometimes you just have to step back and let the brittle bits ignite - but once those flames begin to dance their caustic dance, don’t you dare look the other way. Don’t close your eyes. Watch closely and let that image seer itself forever on your mind. Remember what it looked like in the midst of the soot, the smoke, and the haze. Remember, so you don’t repeat the same conditions that required such a blaze.”
Cristen Rodgers

Light Your Fire and Watch Your Phoenix Rise!

5. Light Up Your Father's Eyes On June 18th

Plan a day out with dad in mind. What about a flying lesson or a Classic Car  rally?
Check out English Heritage, Groupon and  Virgin Experience Days.
Book The Event and Lighten Your Father's Stress!

6. Alight On New Shores

What better way to embrace the summer and cool yourself down than to take a boat trip!
Even better treat a good friend. Many boats do meals on board or offer summer entertainment.
Cruise in Croatia, Punt in Poland, Row in Romania, Sail in Sweden.......
Watch The Light Bounce Off The Water!

7. Lighten Your Home And Raise Money For Charity

What better way than to decrease the dusting, get friends together and raise money for charity than to have a yard or garden sale!  Get the kids busy on their bikes collecting while you are baking the buns.
Lighten Your Neighbours' wallets For A Good Cause!

8. Enlighten Yourself and Plan Your Summer

What will it be a great   Shakespearian tragedy, a sharp  satire of Sheridan, a gentle Austen Romance?
What easier and more pleasant way to improve your cultural knowledge than to lie back under the stars with a glass of wine and let the players transport you to another time and place! 
Starlight, Moonshine and Magic!

9. Dance In The Moonlight of Midsummer's Night

What will you  do to celebrate the longest day?   Stay up to watch the sunrise from your local beauty spot?  Walk all night with friends and raise money for breast cancer? Join the Summer Solstice Festival at Stonehenge 18th-21st of June?
Wait For The Light of Dawn On Midsummer's Day!

10. Bathe In A New Light

They say many of life's great problems were solved by lying in a bath. Essential oils are known to stimulate the brain. In fact, in one Japanese company, the error rate was reduced by half when data entry operators were exposed to a lemony scent. It was reduced even further (or by as much as 80%) when the same operators breathed in lavender. Not only did employees set higher goals for themselves, they were able to employ methods that helped them work more efficiently. Therefore  combine the two and double the effect! Submerge the senses in the scent of essential oils and light all the candles you have!
Prepare To Be Greatly Enlightened!

So over to you now!

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Bring on the light!

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Ten Ways To Increase Light Through May's windows

                                1. Light Your Own Beltane Fire

In pagan tradition Celtic countries marked the midpoint between the
Spring equinox and the summer solstice with the May Day festival of Beltane. It marked the beginning of summer and was when the cattle were driven up to their summer pastures.
 Rituals were performed to protect the cattle, crops and people. Special bonfires were lit and people and cattle were brought up to their summer pastures. Feasts were prepared and barns and houses were decorated with yellow May flowers.
Celebrate the coming of summer by lighting a bonfire, chimnea or patio heater for the first time.
                                           Cast Light On a Summer Night! 

                              2. Lighten and Brighten Your Summer Wardrobe

          Energised by the warmer weather what better time to sort out your old summer wardrobe?       Having ebayed and charitised the unloved items, you can add some new light and colour.                                               Lighten up and Feel Good. 

                                 3. Show An Old Classic Some New Light

                                   What's it to be? The older, heavier and dustier the better!
                                    Dickens, Voltaire, Nietzsche?
                                 For me its Dante. Share your choice with me!
            As Dante stated: 'Show People Light and They Will Find Their Own Way.


                        4. Enjoy The Dappled Light of a Woodland Walk

The birds are singing, the air is light. You can almost hear Gershwin's Summertime. It's time to count how many colours of green you can see above you.
                                        Tread the Light Fantastic!

                               5. Light Up A Female Friend' s Face

Show me a woman who doesn't like roses!!! There's buckets of them everywhere now so light up a friend's table or desk and grab the prettiest you can find!
                                   Light Up a Loved One's Eyes!

                    6. Lighten Your Load and Declutter Your Living Room

                   The stronger light really shows up the dust. Doesn't it!
       What better way to deal with it than to pack the ornaments into a box
                             and decide if they should collect dust elsewhere.                                                                                      Light in, dust out!

                                 7. Tread More Lightly On The  Earth

Do your bit for the planet this month by giving to a Eco charity,
              signing a Greenpeace petition, investing in a hybrid vehicle or planting a tree. As the Greek proverb states: A Society Grows Great When Old Men Plant trees, Whose Shade They Shall Never Sit In.
  Shield The Light And Protect The Planet.

                              8. Light the First Summer Barbecue

            We Brits are all the same. One swallow doesn't make a summer but to
           hell with that! The first warm day and the barbi invites go out.
           It's the usual case of get the sausages on before the rain comes!
                   Grab a Cardi and Gather Round the Lighted Fire!

                                         9. Alight On A New Platform

You may never find Platform 9 and 3/4 but  you can certainly find many exciting alternatives. Get on the Internet and take advantage of the Super Saver Tickets now. 
                    Alight and Prepare For Your Own Brief Encounter.

                                 10. Tealights, Spotlights and Lanterns

                   Deck the decking, light the path and illuminate the pond.
                   Prepare your outdoor space for enchanted evenings.
                     Illuminate Your  Path To a Glorious Summer Ahead.

So it's over to You Now.
              Share Your Top ways To Increase Light Through May's Windows
                                     Sara Particco on Twitter or below