Monday, 5 February 2018

Ten Ways To Increase Light Through February's Windows

1. Light a candle to celebrate Candlemas, the ancient festival of lights.

It was celebrated on February the Second. In ancient Pre- Christian times this  marked the midpoint  of winter, half way from the  shortest day and the Spring Equinox.

People  celebrated the increasing strength of life as the winter receded and green shoots appeared in the ground.

Christians took over this festival and
 celebrated the Presentation of Jesus in the Synagogue. For Christians Jesus is the Light of the World. and candles are used in church to remind them of this. Therefore on February the Second  a mass was held in which all the candles that would be used in the church throughout the coming year were blessed.

Visit a local church, light a candle and offer up your prayer for the new year! 

2.Light Candles To Celebrate Your Family. 

Plant or buy some new bulbs. Assemble all the candles you have.

Set your dinner table with these and have a special family dinner.

Light the candles and  thank your family for their support throughout the last year.

3. Light up an old friend's world.

Phone a friend and enjoy a walk or ride through an ancient wood together.

Enjoy the sun streaming through the bare branches.

Enjoy the evergreen trees that keep the hope of spring
alive all winter.
Gather ivy and mistletoe to decorate your table at home.

Chat about your plans for the new year over  coffee or hot chocolate in a bright  cafĂ©.

4. Light up Your Creative Mind for The Year.

Visit an old abbey or stately home  that is set in beautiful grounds.

Let the antiquity and the  craftsmanship inspire you to create something meaningful and lasting  this year.

There's more light each day now to work on making your plans a reality !

5. Light up Your Powerhouse. 

Focus on your work area in your home first. The Kitchen? The study? The dining room? Does it need painting or redecorating? Or simply freshening up? Is it a place where I want to spend time working on my plans for the year? Get new light onto your desk! 

6. Light Up Your Own World

Aim to clean a window a day of your home this month.

Assemble a variety of cloths, cleaners and old newspaper to shine them.The  hours of daylight have already substantially increased since late December.Dawn at seven now not eight am. Dusk at six now not four pm. Enjoy the extra light each day. Your vision  is  already brighter.

7. Light Up The Eyes Of Your Loved One

Research and create a new dessert to celebrate Valentine's Day.
Share your ideas with female friends.

Then choose a beautiful romantic verse for your card or letter to your Valentine.
Make this the most romantic Valentine's Day yet!

8. Light Up Your Taste Buds Lighten Your Meal Planning 
Inspired by your Valentine's Day creation you may decide to do more cooking.

Or maybe just to save time in meal planning this year?
Make time to order some coloured dividers and a new recipe organizer

9. Light Up Your Home and Bring In The Spring

Visit your local stately home gardens or wood. Take inspiration from nature and bring some of the same colour and new life inside your home.
Plant some beautiful bulbs or seedlings that will grace your table for a short time or increase in size with each new month's light.

10. Light Up Your Night and Celebrate February

    Now we have equal hours of darkness and light, what better time to celebrate the night than enjoy an evening walk home in the moonlight

Take time to celebrate what you've already achieved in the first few weeks of the year!

Please share your ideas in the feedback section here or on  Twitter.
Let's help each other to bring new light to this year.