Sunday, 6 May 2018

Ten Ways To Increase Light Through May's windows

                                1. Light Your Own Beltane Fire

In pagan tradition Celtic countries marked the midpoint between the
Spring equinox and the summer solstice with the May Day festival of Beltane. It marked the beginning of summer and was when the cattle were driven up to their summer pastures.
 Rituals were performed to protect the cattle, crops and people. Special bonfires were lit and people and cattle were brought up to their summer pastures. Feasts were prepared and barns and houses were decorated with yellow May flowers.
Celebrate the coming of summer by lighting a bonfire, chimnea or patio heater for the first time.
                                           Cast Light On a Summer Night! 

                              2. Lighten and Brighten Your Summer Wardrobe

          Energised by the warmer weather what better time to sort out your old summer wardrobe?       Having ebayed and charitised the unloved items, you can add some new light and colour.                                               Lighten up and Feel Good. 

                                 3. Show An Old Classic Some New Light

                                   What's it to be? The older, heavier and dustier the better!
                                    Dickens, Voltaire, Nietzsche?
                                 For me its Dante. Share your choice with me!
            As Dante stated: 'Show People Light and They Will Find Their Own Way.


                        4. Enjoy The Dappled Light of a Woodland Walk

The birds are singing, the air is light. You can almost hear Gershwin's Summertime. It's time to count how many colours of green you can see above you.
                                        Tread the Light Fantastic!

                               5. Light Up A Female Friend' s Face

Show me a woman who doesn't like roses!!! There's buckets of them everywhere now so light up a friend's table or desk and grab the prettiest you can find!
                                   Light Up a Loved One's Eyes!

                    6. Lighten Your Load and Declutter Your Living Room

                   The stronger light really shows up the dust. Doesn't it!
       What better way to deal with it than to pack the ornaments into a box
                             and decide if they should collect dust elsewhere.                                                                                      Light in, dust out!

                                 7. Tread More Lightly On The  Earth

Do your bit for the planet this month by giving to a Eco charity,
              signing a Greenpeace petition, investing in a hybrid vehicle or planting a tree. As the Greek proverb states: A Society Grows Great When Old Men Plant trees, Whose Shade They Shall Never Sit In.
  Shield The Light And Protect The Planet.

                              8. Light the First Summer Barbecue

            We Brits are all the same. One swallow doesn't make a summer but to
           hell with that! The first warm day and the barbi invites go out.
           It's the usual case of get the sausages on before the rain comes!
                   Grab a Cardi and Gather Round the Lighted Fire!

                                         9. Alight On A New Platform

You may never find Platform 9 and 3/4 but  you can certainly find many exciting alternatives. Get on the Internet and take advantage of the Super Saver Tickets now. 
                    Alight and Prepare For Your Own Brief Encounter.

                                 10. Tealights, Spotlights and Lanterns

                   Deck the decking, light the path and illuminate the pond.
                   Prepare your outdoor space for enchanted evenings.
                     Illuminate Your  Path To a Glorious Summer Ahead.

So it's over to You Now.
              Share Your Top ways To Increase Light Through May's Windows
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Thursday, 5 April 2018

Ten Ways To Increase Light Through April's Windows

1. Chase The Light In Each Day

Extend your day
 and cut your stress levels.

Get up as soon as the birds start singing one or two days a week.

Watch dawn light up your April sky as you power through your 'to do' list.

Free from noise and domestic distractions, you may find yourself getting twice as much done. Many company directors call it their 'golden hour'! Chase the light. Chase the  dream.

2. Light Up an Old Friend's Day

Sometimes it's hard to contact someone you've lost touch with. What better time than Easter! Give meaning to the season and give new life to old contacts. Why not send homemade Easter card sent to all the contacts in your address book? Light up an old contact and renew the friendship.

3. Enlighten Yourself About Your Own Locality 

Pick an abbey, castle or stately home you've not visited that is about an hour's drive away. Make Easter 2018 memorable in some way! Instead of just posting a few selfies on Facebook think of another way to commemorate  your day. Light up  the historian and artist  within.

4. Shed Some Light On Your Ancestry

Maybe your visit as prompted you to shed some fresh light on your own ancestral trail? There's many companies out there to help you in your quest; such as  23 and Me,
Light up your own ancestral trail and  make new friends.

5.Trip The Light Fantastic

This phrase evolved through a series of usages and references. The phrase is  attributed to Milton's  1645 poem L'Allegro, which includes the lines:
Com, and trip it as ye go,
On the light fantastick toe.
Celebrate the warmer evenings by enjoying a night out dancing. Folk, ballroom, modern whatever takes your fancy. Lessons or just a night out with friends? Enjoy the longer hours of daylight! Skip, hop and leap into spring.

6. Enjoy the Lights of a Good Show

 April sunshine encourages us to get out and get real. Replace an  evening of virtual entertainment  with a real live show.Check out the programme of your local theatre or cinema. Find something to light up both your evening  and your mood.

7. Lighten And Brighten Your Bedroom

What better way to celebrate the colours of spring than to buy some new bedding! This year designers everywhere are celebrating the spring meadow in their bedding designs. There's no better time to freshen up your linens. Enjoy the colours of spring indoors and out!

8.  Enlighten Yourself  To 2017's Best Sellers

You turn your face towards the sun. You can now feel the sun's warm on your skin. Summer's round the corner. What better time to  research your summer reading  and donate  unwanted books to a local charity! Start lighting the path to your summer holiday.

9. Show Yourself In a New Light

The flower shops are brimming with an ever- increasing colours. Be inspired to try some new colours yourself! Spring -clean your make-up bag and buy some new shades.  Consider a new highlights or lowlights in your hair. Stride out this spring with a new confidence and spring in your step. 

10. Seek Out New Sources Of  Light

Bring something new into your life that will lighten your daily burden. Consider the daily task you hate most. Ironing? Shopping for groceries? Washing up? What could you introduce to ease the burden? Paid help? A new gadget? Delegating? Ensure that you'll have more time to enjoy this summer when it comes .

So it's over to you, now!

Share the brightest way you've brought new light to shine through April's windows

Together let's make it our best April yet!

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